Company PAYBO was founded in 1994 by Pavol & Roman Pabis. The main aim of the company was to provide a wide range of products for the aged or disabled to give them more independence and to improve their quality of life. PAYBO is now one of the Slovakia’s leading distributors and providers of medical rehabilitation equipment. Our wide commodity range comprises of more than 800 items of products from all over the world. We co-operate with many well-known companies from Germany, Austria, the U.K., Spain, the U.S.A., Taiwan, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We especially appreciate our co-operation with MINOS, Otto Bock, Sunrise Medical, Maclaren, RehaNorm, Alber, Mobitec, Aquatec, Scholl, OMRON, Carfix and many others. Our motto at PAYBO is: PAYBO – Your partner for finer life, so all of our items are for people who need or want to live a better and healthier life. Our commodity range consists of medical rehabilitation equipment as wheelchairs, walking aids, stairclimbing devices, sticks and crutches, homecare products, toilet and bathroom aids, moving and handling equipment, medicare aids, as well as a wide range of orthopaedic supports and orthoses, orthopaedic shoes and footcare products, acupressure tools, rehabilitation exercising equipment and hundreds of other items for health and well-being style of life. We are open to all good ideas and new products. If you have any suggestions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

PAYBO Winterova 10 Pieštany 921 01 Slovakia
Tel/Fax: 00421 33 7721689
Mobil phone: 00421 905 612271

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